Latin American Initiative on Justice, Gender, and Sexuality 

The Center supported the work of the Latin American Network of Scholars on Gender, Sexuality, and the Law (ALAS Network) for ten years. Since 2004, with over 60 law professors to date, the ALAS Network has been working towards mainstreaming the role of gender and sexuality in law schools across Latin America.

Among its accomplishments:

• ALAS Network members piloted a groundbreaking 30-hour course examining various legal debates regarding the definition and regulation of sexuality.

• ALAS members, including Center Faculty Director Macarena Sáez, participated in the 5th Latin American Judicial Congress on Reproductive Rights, hosted in Colombia. The regional meeting–organized in collaboration with Planned Parenthood Global and the Peruivan organization Promsex, with additional help from the Judicial Branch of Colombia’s National Gender Commission–sought to promote methodologies and legal arguments to strengthen legal reasoning and gender perspectives in judicial decisions.

• The Network offered a course on prejudice, intersectionality, and autonomy in Peru and Chile. A virtual course was also carried out with the objective of promoting the teaching of law with a focus on gender and sexuality.