Accountability for the Security Sector in Risk Environments Project

A core project of the Center's human rights and business activities was the Accountability for the Security Sector in Risk Environments(ASSURE) project. ASSURE sought to foster respect for human rights by private security companies operating around the world through strategic engagement with industry leaders and key stakeholders in government, civil society, and academia. As a global industry operating in complex environments, private security companies and their clients and stakeholders have had to identify means to address pressing human rights challenges and fill the governance gaps left by home and host states unwilling or unable to regulate the industry. ASSURE’s objectives are to contribute to the development of industry standards – the Center is member of the civil society pillar of the International Code of Conduct Association, a Geneva-based multi-stakeholder initiative dedicated to ensuring private security providers respect human rights and humanitarian law;  to raise awareness about industry standards and best practices, and to improve companies’ ability to adhere to standards and uphold human rights in their operations; and to conduct and disseminate policy and business relevant research on the private security industry.