International Day of Crisis Moot Court Competition

The Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law annually coordinates a team to compete at the International Day of Crisis Competition. The 2019 team won “Best Negotiation” against teams from Australia, France, Russia, India, Belgium, and the UK. A jury of legal experts will judge students on their written and oral advocacy on issues concerning International Responsibility, Law of the Sea, International Investment Law, International Human Rights Law, International Labor Law, Natural Resource Problematics, and International Humanitarian Law. Interested applicants do not need to have expertise in each of these subjects to be successful in the competition.

Over the course of 24-hours, teams prepare legal responses to an unfolding international crisis through moots, negotiations, complaints, petitions, etc., acting as state representatives, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and other relevant stakeholders.  Teams may be asked to provide a written legal opinion; to advise a client (State, company, person); draft documents (press release, note verbale, Security Council Resolution, etc.); or negotiate on behalf of a client. This 24-hour non-stop competition will challenge and expand students’ knowledge of public international law, diplomacy, alternative dispute resolution, and the ability to collaborate under pressure. Participation in the Day of Crisis Competition is an extra-curricular activity. However, for students interested in international law, this is an extraordinary way to interact with high-level judges and network with other international law students, and to gain an understanding of how law can be leveraged to solve complex international conflicts.

Applications are currently closed, but are expected to reopen soon.