Hypothetical Case

The Competition is based on a hypothetical case written by experts in the Inter-American human rights legal system and reflects a cutting-edge legal issue currently being debated in the region.

The 2014 Hypothetical Case is available here.


Previous topics have addressed:

  • state of emergency
  • freedom of speech
  • gender discrimination & rape
  • freedom of press
  • right to life
  • torture
  • fair trial
  • labor unions
  • indigenous rights
  • terrorism
  • environment and human rights
  • migration
  • freedom of expression

Previous authors have included:

  • Inter-American Commission on Human Rights attorneys
  • Former Indigenous Rights Rapporteur to the OAS
  • Leaders of prominent NGOs


To read past hypothetical cases, please visit the Past Competitions page and click on the title of the case you would like to read.

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