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The Competition is based on a hypothetical case written by experts in the Inter-American human rights legal system and reflects a cutting-edge legal issue currently being debated in the region. The 2017 Hypothetical Case will focus on the topic of "Emerging Challenges in the Relationship between International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law" and will be written by Eric Tardif, from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The case will be published on December 7, 2016. You can read a biography of the author below.

The 2017 Hypothetical Case is now available!

Eric Tardif

Eric Tardif, of Canadian origin, is the legal adviser in the regional delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross to Mexico, Central America and Cuba since 2013. As part of the legal team of the Delegation, among other activities he collaborates with national governments to encourage all States to adopt the treaties of international humanitarian law (IHL) and other relevant instruments, and can implement them effectively at the national level; for it, he gives legal advice and technical assistance conducting for example studies of compatibility between national legislation with international commitments, in particular in the field of international criminal law or issues related to arms trade and people’s disappearance and the answer to the needs of their families. He also organizes meetings of government experts on issues related to IHL and conducts outreach activities of this matter in the academic field. In recent months he led the team that drafted the report "Implementing IHL: Participation of the American States in IHL Treaties and their National Implementation” which covers the 2014-2015 biennium.

Before joining the ICRC, he worked in private practice and also worked in the Canadian and the Mexican civil service (Attorney General of the Republic), among other professional experiences.

Eric has degrees in business science and Law from the University of Ottawa. He earned a Master's degree in Law with a specialization in International Law, as well as a doctorate in Law from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM); his doctoral thesis focused on the study of humanitarian intervention. He is a tenured lecturer through public examination of Public International Law at the UNAM School of Law, and has also taught classes and training courses organized by the International Institute of Human Rights in Strasbourg and the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights, among others. He is a member of the National System of Researchers of Mexico, and several of his publications can be found online.

The 2016 Hypothetical Case is available here.

Previous topics have addressed:

  • Extractive Industries and Human Rights
  • Transitional Justice, International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
  • Rights of Persons with Disabilities and International Human Rights Law
  • LGBTI Rights
  • state of emergency
  • freedom of speech
  • gender discrimination & rape
  • freedom of press
  • right to life
  • torture
  • fair trial
  • labor unions
  • indigenous rights
  • terrorism
  • environment and human rights
  • migration
  • freedom of expression
  • Transitional Justice, International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Previous authors have included:

  • Inter-American Commission on Human Rights attorneys
  • Former Indigenous Rights Rapporteur to the OAS
  • Leaders of prominent NGOs

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