American University offers preferential rates for Inter-American Human Rights Moot Court participants and judges wishing to stay in university accommodation. University accommodation is modest but the rates are more competitive than local hotels.

Team members, coaches, and observers, will stay in McDowell Residence Hall and judges and bailiffs will stay in Cassell Hall. Both residence halls feature 24-hour complex desk operations, air conditioning, wireless internet access, parking, twin size beds, and community bathroom facilities. American University is conveniently located less than a mile from the Tenleytown-AU metro stop and the University offers a free shuttle from main campus to the metro and the competition site throughout the day.

Please note that if you request a double room but do not have a roommate, you will be assigned a roommate. American University housing rules require that both roommates be of the same gender, and smoking is not allowed in the dormitories.

Extending your housing

American University can accommodate competitors and judges who wish to stay in our dorms for a few days after the competition. However, persons who wish to extend their stay in the AU dorms must specify the exact dates of the extension in the housing application. In addition, payment for these extra days must be made in advance.

American University cannot hold onto luggage for participants who have officially checked out of campus housing.

Participants can choose to extend their stay in the dormitories after the Competition is over. The last day that a Moot Court participant can extend their stay is through Monday, May 26th at NOON. The McDowell Hall desk will close that day, all guests must be out at that time. Moot Court participants that are also participating in the summer courses will have the ability to check-out of McDowell and check-in to Cassell Hall for the period fo the summer courses before the 12 noon deadline on May 26th.

For those who will be taking classes through the Program of Advanced Studies on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, please book your housing separately.


Registration for housing will be completed entirely online. Please note that the registration is ENTIRELY in English. If you are not a native English speaker, click here for instructions in Spanish and here for instructions in Portuguese.

Click here to register for housing:   

You are able to pay by credit card or cash. We encourage you to pay online via credit card. If you absolutely need to pay in cash, you need to go through the entire registration process up to the payment page and then stop. At this point your application is complete. You can log in at any time (using your username and password) and look at the status of your application. If you are paying in cash, you need to pay the entire amount upon arrival.


  • Double $48/pp Night
  • Single $65/ pp Night


  • Double $60/ pp Night
  • Single  $75/ pp Night


All housing questions and changes should be sent to the Summer Housing staff at The Competition Organizers will not address any housing concerns.

Options Outside of AU:

If you would prefer to stay in a local hotel, the following locations offer preferential rates:

  • Holiday Inn Georgetown - (202) 338-4600
  • Holiday Inn Bethesda - (301) 656 - 1500
  • Savoy Suites of Georgetown - (202) 337-9700
  • Carlyle Suites in Dupont Circle - (202) 234-3200
  • Washington International Student Center (hostel) - (202) 667-7681


  • American University is a smoke-free campus. This means you CANNOT smoke inside or near any buildings. You can smoke cigarettes on the sidewalks that surround the campus. Anywhere within campus is NOT ALLOWED.
  • You cannot bring alcohol anywhere on campus. Additionally, in the United States, you must be 21 years of age to drink.
  • The American University dormitories are NOT a hotel. The individuals working there are staff and students at the University. Please treat them accordingly.
  • You CANNOT receive packages at the dormitory or at any other office at American University. If you order a package online to be sent to the dormitory (or any office at American University), it will be RETURNED to the company. If you ignore this rule, your packages may be lost.
  • Please do not give out the Competition email address, phone number, or address, as your emergency contact information upon arrival to the United States.
  • Do not move any piece of furniture from your rooms. For example, you cannot move your mattress into another room.
  • If you want to extend your housing reservation, you need to do it through the online registration system. You cannot do it in person. Extensions can be paid for by credit card only.
  • Individuals who are participating in the Moot Court Competition and in the Summer Courses need to make two SEPARATE reservations, one for each program.