The Program on Law & Government

LLM in Law & Government

The LLM Program in Law & Government, which was founded in 1998, offers students an opportunity to pursue graduate legal work on U.S. public law. It is a 24-credit degree program which students can choose to pursue full-time (and complete in one year) or part-time (and complete at their own pace). The flexible LLM curriculum encourages students to design courses of study in the broad areas of civil and constitutional rights, business and financial regulation, and administrative law and regulatory practice.

SJD Program

The Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) Program selects outstanding students prepared to write a doctoral-level thesis in law, who will make original contributions to the legal literature, and who have a strong intellectual commitment to advanced legal study. Applicants are required to hold both a JD or JD-equivalent degree and an LLM.

Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project

Founded with the enthusiastic support of Mrs. Thurgood Marshall and the late Mrs. William Brennan, the Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project mobilizes talented JD and LLM students to teach a course on the U.S. Constitution in the public high schools of the District of Columbia and Maryland. Since its inception in 1999, the Project has developed chapters in law schools and states across the country.

Summer Institute on Law & Government

The Summer Institute is a one-week program held each summer for both experienced practitioners and law students who are serious about law and public service. The program is open to law students from the Washington College of Law and to other students looking to enhance their educational experience while in the nation's capital. The Institute is a one-week program with one-credit classes on the latest legal and policy developments in five specialty areas, also emphasizing the critical skills needed to practice in these fields: immigration law, legislative policy, financial regulation, national security law, and administrative law.

Program on Law & Government Fellows

The Program on Law & Government brings recognized experts to the law school to serve as faculty fellows. Fellows teach courses, hold conferences, publish, and otherwise engage in the academic community at the law school.

Jurist-in-Residence Program

The Jurist-in-Residence Program is designed to bring a prominent judge to the law school each fall to meet with students, faculty, and alumni, and share insights on important topics facing the nation's judiciary. The visiting Jurist meets informally and formally with student groups and faculty over a one or two day period.

The Government Contracts Initiative

The Program oversees development of the law school’s Government Contracts-related curriculum and relevant programming in order to prepare JD and LL.M. students for careers in the flourishing field of Government Procurement Law.