Campaign 2020 & the Law

A Summer Institute of the Program on Law & Government
American University Washington College of Law

June 19-27, 2020

In this important election year, campaign laws and the courts will play a critical role in determining how our democracy functions in the most basic, vital function of our system – voting. Yet as basic as voting is, the system of election laws is a complex web of state and federal regulation subject to a wide range of political strategies, regulatory policies, and judicial interpretations.

Campaign 2020 & the Law is a dynamic, new summer program designed to guide you through this web with leading experts in the field. Whether you are a practitioner already wrestling with these complexities, or a lawyer who seeks to learn more, or a law student with an interest in the subject, this summer program is tailored for your interests and needs. The program will be led by three of the foremost scholars in election law fields who will provide this unique and unprecedented opportunity to learn from their valuable experience and perspective.

There will be three one-credit courses that can be taken separately or together, for a certificate of completion, or for academic credit.* You may attend online or in-person, or a combination of both.

Voting Rights

Friday, June 19 9am-5 pm and Saturday, June 20 10 am-5 pm.

Taught by Nina Perales, Vice President of Litigation for MALDEF, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, this course will cover the latest developments in racial and political gerrymandering and other redistricting, as well as other issues related to the Voting Rights Act.

Campaign Finance

Monday-Thursday, June 22-June 25 6 pm-9:15 pm.

Taught by former Federal Election Commission General Counsel Larry Noble, this course will explore the ins and outs of the important field of campaign contributions and expenditures and how they are regulated by federal law.

Election Security and Reform

Friday, June 26 9am-5 pm and Saturday, June 27 10 am-5 pm.

Taught by Professor Kim Wehle of the University of Baltimore Law School, this course will examine voter suppression like photo ID requirements and voter registration purges and will consider election reforms like postcard registration, Electoral College reform and much more.

* AUWCL students may only take the courses for academic credit.