Program on International Trade, Investment and Development

The Trade, Investment and Development Program (TID) is directed by Professor Ala’i, AUWCL Director of International and Comparative Legal Studies and a renowned trade law professor. It also benefits from the outstanding tenured and adjunct faculty at AUWCL that consists of many highly respected practitioners and law professors in the area of trade, investment, business, intellectual property, and arbitration. TID offers:

  • rich learning opportunities through AUWCL’s extensive trade-related curriculum, moot court competitions, pro bono projects with trade law firms, and academic conferences and lectures.

  • career growth opportunities by connecting students with potential employers for internships and externships, individualized career advising to students interested in international trade and investment law, and organizing and hosting high-profile conferences that bring irreplaceable networking opportunities.

  • customized training and certificate programs to individuals from governments, private sector, and academia to increase capacity in specific areas of international trade and investment law.

Recent News

Last Day of the WTO Appellate Body

Last Day of the WTO Appellate Body

Renata Vargas Amaral, director of AUWCL's Summer Program on U.S. and International Trade Law and Policy discusses the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization, the membership of which has now fallen to less than three.

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