Explore Opportunities in International Law and Development

The Program on International Organizations, Law and Development partners with various international organizations to host practical skills events and conferences.  Students engage with one another in a professional environment while being offered guidance by leaders in international law. 


Registration for the World Bank Law, Justice and Development Week (LJD Week) and the third AU Model G20 Summit are now open! 

This year's LJD Week will have a theme of Rights, Technology and Development. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussions on World Bank strategies aimed at enhancing the rule of law in the technology and development sphere and providing improved access to justice in impoverished areas. Select student contestants will have the opportunity to present a TED-style talk during one of the LJD Week Sessions and publish their ideas in a World Bank blog platform linked to the LJD website. Registration has been extended until August 18 at 11:59 PM.

The third AU Model G20 Summit will follow last year's G20 Osaka agenda, addressing climate change and natural disasters, inequality and employment, trade and WTO reform, international taxation and digitalization, rising debt, and global health. Students may register teams of 5-7 participants to represent a G20 country, international organization, or G20 engagement group. Registration closes August 25.

Highlighted Students

Student Alumni Description of Participation in PIOLD Program

Divya Prasad

In my 1L summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to represent the WCL community at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington, D.C.. As a legal intern in the Legal Development Finance unit under the Legal Vice Presidency, I researched donor agencies, designed presentations on the unit’s projects, participated in leadership workshops, and attended research lectures on the Bank’s global priorities. Given my interest in international development law, I especially enjoyed learning about my colleagues’ transactional work on the donor funds to support social and environmental projects around the world. I highly recommend that students in the PIOLD program explore summer opportunities that allow them to learn how they can channel their passions into fulfilling legal careers.

Student Alumni

Lorenzo Ricchi

As part of the Law and International Development Society, I had the opportunity to work closely with the Program on International Organizations, Law and Development (PIOLD). It was a valuable experience that provided me with many learning and networking opportunities. Through PIOLD I was able to meet great professionals, such as the General Counsel of the World Bank, the General Counsel of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and the Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium. I am fortunate to bring what PIOLD has taught me to my internship this summer.