Inmate Education 

Ending Silence: Demanding Safety from Sexual Assault & Youth Speaking Up about Sexual Abuse in Custody are a series of graphic novels for adult and juvenile inmates in custodial settings. These graphic novels are intended to educate inmates about how to identify and address incidents of sexual assault. The plot lines in these graphic novels dramatize situations we know occur in custodial settings. The use of graphic novels in community education projects is well established. By presenting information through an illustrative medium, these novels aim to disseminate information about the sexual abuse reporting process to inmates at all literacy levels. These novels were developed with Inmate Education standard 115.33 of the Prison Rape Elimination Act National Standards in mind. These graphic novels are a first step in reaching out to inmates in order to help them identify, address, and respond to incidents of sexual abuse by staff or other inmates. We hope that these publications will deepen the dialogue about strategies to eliminate sexual abuse in custody.


Ending Silence: Youth Speaking Up About Sexual Abuse in Custody