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Please reach out to us with any questions you may have about the Project on Addressing Prison Rape

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The Project on Addressing Prison Rape
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Request to join the listserv

The Project on Addressing Prison Rape manages a group of closed listservs. Particiapnts in listservs include the following from adult prisons and jails, juvenile agencies, federal agencies, jails in Indian Country, and community corrections agencies:

- Agency administrators

- Trainers

- PREA Coordinators

- Human Resource professionals

- Investigators

- Medical and mental health care professionals

Our listserv also has representatives from the following communities:

- Federal, state and local prosecutors

- Former NPREC Commissioners

- Advocacy organizations (focused on youth and adults)

- LGBTI organizations

- Rape Crisis Centers

- SANE Nurses

- Law enforcement

- Legislative representatives

If you are interested in joining our listserv please email with your name, position, organization, and email address.

If you have a question about sexual abuse in custodial settings and would like to pose it to our listserv email The Project at and someone will get back to you about your request.