Wyoming Confidentiality Laws

Rape Crisis/Sexual Assault Counselor

Wyo. Stat. § 1-12-116 (2013): Confidential communications between family violence and sexual assault advocate and victim

(b) Except as provided by W.S. 14-3-210, a person exempted from testifying under the provisions of W.S. 1-12-116 shall not be examined as a witness in any civil, criminal, legislative or administrative proceeding concerning the following communications and information:

(i) An advocate shall not testify concerning a confidential communication made by a victim in the course of that relationship, except the advocate:

(A) May testify:

(I) With the express consent of the victim; or

(II) If the victim voluntarily testifies, provided the advocate's testimony shall be limited to the same subject matter.

(B) May be compelled to testify if the victim is unable to testify due to death or incompetence.

(ii) Any employee of a family violence and sexual assault program who has access to confidential communication shall not testify except in those circumstances where the advocate may testify.

Updated 03/2018