Program on International ICT Policy and ICT Regulation

As the field of telecommunications continues to expand and develop as a thriving legal practice area posing diverse and unique challenges to practitioners across the globe, the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO) and American University Washington College of Law (WCL) have established a Program on International Communications Regulation and Policy with the following objectives: (i) enhancing academic offerings, (ii) raising awareness about the international communications sector and how it can be used to implement general global policy objectives such as the Millennium Development Goals and (iii) training professionals to act in the international communications sector.

The Program is led by Dr. Renata Brazil David, S.J.D, LL.M., Director of Legal Affairs at ITSO and Adjunct Professor at WCL and will focus on salient issues and current developments in the field of international communications regulation and policy.

The creation of the Program enables the law school to build upon past accomplishments, produce opportunities for formal research and scholarship, and provide a solid foundation to those aspiring to enter the international communications field.



The Program on International Communications Regulation and Policy coordinates courses and seminars on various issues in the field of international communications. For example, the Program will offer the following courses:

  1. An online certificate course on "Basic Principles of International Communications Regulation and Policy" offered to those in the field including government officials, regulators, professionals, operating companies and students willing to broaden their career prospects.
  2. A summer course at WCL (offered for academic credit or a non-credit certificate) for law students and practitioners - "International Communications Law: A Comparative Perspective" (LAW-795NC-001).

From left to right: Dean Claudio Grossman, WCL; Dr. Renata Brazil David, ITSO Director of Legal Affairs
and WCL Adjunct Professor; Mr. Jose Toscano, ITSO Director General and CEO