Online Certificate in International Communication Regulation and Policy

Course Dates: January 28 - April 22, 2019
Registration Period: October 15, 2018 - January 18, 2019


Using advanced web-based technology, participants can earn the certificate from anywhere in the world. This 12-week online course, “Basic Principles of International Communications Regulation and Policy,” will take place between January 28 and April 22, 2019.

Through self-paced coursework and online lectures by world-renowned professionals in the field, the course explores current and emerging issues in communications policy and regulation, including licensing, competition, and universal access and service and internet issues. Participants will explore:

  • the issues and challenges that ICT policies and regulations need to adequately address, including the digital transformation, the digital divide, the importance of ICTs in fostering economic and societal development by contributing to the sustainable development goals (SDGs);

  • the policy and regulatory approaches to enable the effective use of ICTs, including effective National Broadband Plans, spectrum management, and universal access and service;

  • the financing models and mechanisms to make widespread access to affordable ICT services a reality;

  • emerging issues, such as new technologies, internet issues, and privacy and data protection.

Faculty for the course include Renata Brazil David, head of the Program on International Communications Regulation and Policy and Deputy Director General and Director of Legal Affairs for ITSO, and Maury Mechanick Adjunct Professor and external legal advisor to ITSO. Guest lectures will be provided by Patrick Masambu, Director General, ITSO, Sofie Maddens, Head of the Regulatory and Market Environment Division of the ITU BDT. Kathryn Martin, Director, Access Partnership, and Francois Rancy, Director, ITU Radiocommunication Bureau and other distinguished members of the Advisory Board of the Program on International Communications Regulation and Policy.

Course Syllabus

Lecture 1: General Overview – Setting the Scene
Lecture 2: The Basics of ICT Infrastructure Technologies
Lecture 3: Legal and Institutional Framework for ICT

Lecture 1: Licensing
Lecture 2: Competition
Lecture 3: Scarce Resources
Lecture 4: Access and Interconnection
Lecture 5: Universal Access and Service, and Universal Access Strategies

Lecture 1: ICTs in Global, Regional and National Frameworks
Lecture 2: ICT Infrastructure for Development Strategies
Lecture 3: Applications and Services for Sustainable Development
Lecture 4: Broadband Connectivity Initiatives and Projects

Lecture 1: Financing ICT Connectivity for Internet for All
Lecture 2: Financing Institutions

Lecture 1: Technological Trends and Regulatory Challenges
Lecture 2: Internet Issues
Lecture 3: Privacy and Data Protection

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