End Silence: The Project on Addressing Prison Rape


The Project on Addressing Prison Rape (The Project) is committed to eliminating sexual abuse for individuals in custodial settings. The Project is a leader in addressing the implications and implementation of the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA) and its national standards. Since 2000, the Project has provided training, technical assistance and legal guidance for correctional agencies, advocates and survivors who want to effectively prevent, respond and eliminate sexual abuse in custodial settings.

Overall, the Project has four goals: (1) training; (2) technical assistance; (3) legal expertise regarding sexual abuse in custodial settings; and (4) providing guidance on issues correctional agencies and advocates face when addressing PREA and responding to sexual abuse in custodial settings.


Since 2000, The Project, housed at American University, Washington College of Law (WCL), has been funded by government and private grantors to address and respond to sexual abuse of people in custody. The Project has continually provided training, technical assistance and legal guidance to high level corrections decision makers on key issues in addressing and responding to the Prison Rape Elimination Act.   

Work in the Area of Sexual Abuse in Custodial Settings

The Project has conducted training for or in collaboration with:

  • 45 state leaders if Department of Corrections;
  • 30 county department of corrections;
  • 2 Native American jails ;
  • 2 territories -- Guam and Puerto Rico;
  • 2 federal agencies – the Office of Inspector General and the Federal Bureau of Prisons;
  • 20 juvenile agencies; and
  • 15 community corrections agencies.

The Project has provided technical assistance to adult prisons and jails, juvenile agencies and community corrections on:

  • State criminal laws prohibiting the abuse of individuals in custody;
  • Investigations;
  • Immediate and ongoing medical care; and
  • Mental health care and confidentiality.

The Project has provided guidance, training and technical assistance or served as subject matter experts for professional organizations, as well as advocacy and legal groups, including:

  • the American Correctional Association;
  • The American Probation and Parole Association;
  • The American Jail Association;
  • Local Rape Crisis Agencies;
  • SANE Nurses;
  • State and local prosecutors; and
  • Federal prosecutors.

Upcoming Events

National Institute of Corrections presents Transgender Persons In Custody: The Legal Landscape
Wednesday, March 29, 2017
9:00 A.M. EST - 12:00 P.M. EST
Online Webinar Broadcast (registration TBD)

Do you and your agency have questions about the management of transgender persons in custody? In response to this emerging correctional issue, the National Institute of Corrections is conducting a live internet broadcast designed to:

  • provide information to agency legal counsel and corrections professionals regarding transgender persons in custody and their presumptive legal rights;
  • demystify the issues surrounding policy and procedures decisions affecting this population; and
  • identify emerging challenges and opportunities to provide strategies for ensuring equity while maintaining safety and security.

Prior to the broadcast on March 29, 2017, NIC recommends viewing and/or reviewing the materials for the two earlier broadcasts in the series, LGBTI Populations: Their Safety, Your Responsibility http://nicic.gov/library/026763 and LGBTI Populations: Intake – Creating a Culture of Safety http://nicic.gov/library/027998

During this live event, Presenters will:

  • Address agencies questions regarding issues, barriers, challenges and practices that affect transgender persons in custody
  • Illustrate areas of greatest liability for agencies regarding transgender persons in custody
  • Determine areas to address in agency policy and procedure
  • Explain steps agencies should take to ensure the safety and security of this population while in custody

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