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Students in this clinic help low-income clients achieve access to justice through advocacy in a variety of legal contexts. Students help their clients solve legal problems and provide representation in civil matters in the courts and administrative agencies of the District of Columbia and Maryland. With a focus on economic justice, a typical CAC docket includes employment, consumer protection, housing, and public benefits cases.

With faculty supervision, students handle all aspects of representation that permit them to develop core lawyering skills, such as interviewing clients and witnesses, developing case theories, conducting fact investigations and discovery, counseling clients, negotiating, and appearing in court. Within a single semester, students can gain a diverse range of experiences that deepen their understanding of the attorney-client relationship, problem solving, the intersection of law and procedure, and social justice.

The CAC has a day section for full-time 2L and 3L students and an evening section for part-time 3L and 4L students. Student attorneys attend a seminar covering topics such as client-centered lawyering, interview, counseling, and case theory, and negotiation. These classes provide a foundation to support and strengthen student’s lawyering experiences throughout the semester. Student attorneys also participate in weekly case rounds during which they share case developments and issues with other students. These discussions help students grapple with the legal, procedural, and ethical issues that arise during their client representation.