Program Requirements


To receive the joint degree, you must satisfy the requirements for the JD in the Washington College of Law and also all requirements for the MS in the Department of Justice, Law and Criminology of the School of Public Affairs You may apply 6 credit hours of law courses toward the MS degree requirements as well as 6 credit hours of Department of Justice, Law and Criminology courses toward the JD degree requirements. The joint degree option allows you to complete both degrees in approximately four years of full-time study, much sooner than if you pursued the degrees separately.

In this program, you enhance your general legal education with intensive study in the following areas:

  • philosophical and moral foundations of justice systems
  • nature and causes of social problems, crime, conflict, and injustice in society
  • analysis of the actual operations of the criminal, juvenile, civil, and international justice systems and their impact on society
  • the functioning of legislative and regulatory agencies
  • the broad range of laws, public policies, and informal mechanisms for dealing with crime, conflict, and injustice in society and for resolving problems of justice
  • theories of planning and management for courts, correctional, and law enforcement institutions
  • strategies for introducing constructive change in justice systems
  • institutions and organizations involved in justice issues, including legal, constitutional, civil, criminal, social, and mental health groups
  • methods of research study in justice