Program Overview

American University's JD/MS: Law and Justice joint degree allows you to earn, concurrently, a Juris Doctor (JD) from the Washington College of Law (WCL) and a Master of Science in Justice, Law and Criminology (MS) from the School of Public Affairs (SPA), Department of Justice, Law and Criminology. This graduate program has been rated among the nation's top three justice-related programs in the area of scholarly faculty publications.

The JD/MS program offers an enriching cross-disciplinary study of law and social science. Many of the fundamental concepts addressed in your legal education will be expanded through the MS program, providing you with a different, and ultimately, broader perspective. For example, many of the important ideas in law are founded on philosophical or empirical assumptions that receive little discussion in any law school curriculum due to time constraints. Because the JD/MS courses in SPA offer a comprehensive understanding of these important concepts, the joint program is ideally suited for those who desire a thorough understanding of how law intersects with theories of justice and justice systems in our society. You will find it especially valuable if you are seeking a career in criminal justice, court management and administration, or teaching law or justice at the college level.

Please note that you must apply to the JD program first before completing the separate graduate school dual degree application form. If you are an incoming first-year applicant, we will automatically send your application materials onto SPA if you are admitted to the law school. If you are a current WCL student who is interested in applying for their MPA, please email and request that your materials be sent to SPA.

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