How to Apply


Candidates for the dual JD/MS must satisfy the admission requirements of both the School of Public Affairs (SPA) and the Washington College of Law (WCL) to be admitted into this dual degree program. SPA accepts LSAT scores in place of the GRE normally required for admission.

First-year Entering Students

Complete the following steps to be considered for this dual degree:

1) On the law school application, select Full-time Division and then select JD/MS degree objective.

2) Submit to the School of Public Affairs their online application form. Once your JD admissions file is complete and under review at WCL it will then be uploaded to SPA, but you still must submit the separate graduate program application form.  WCL will upload your LSAC CAS report with LSAT score, transcripts, and letter of recommendation for SPA to review.

If you complete these steps, you will receive a separate decision from both WCL and SPA. Admission to either WCL or SPA does not guarantee admission to the other.

Current Degree-Seeking JD Students

Students currently enrolled in the JD program at WCL can apply during their first year to the dual degree program. After submitting the SPA online application form, email the WCL Office of Admissions at to request your JD admissions materials be forwarded to SPA for JD/MS consideration.