LL.M. Program Costs

Tuition and fees for the LL.M. programs are calculated on a per semester or per credit rate. Students taking 12 or more credit in a given semester are charged a flat tuition rate of $26,846. Students taking less than 12 credits in a given semester are charged the per credit tuition rate of $1,988. To earn an LLM, students must complete 24 credit hours.

International students requiring an F-1 or J-1 visa: in order to satisfy visa requirements, students must be registered for a minimum of 8 credit hours per semester. Other visa statuses may have other requirements.

Student seeking U.S. Financial Aid: financial aid through the U.S. government is only eligible for U.S. citizens or permanent residents. For financial aid purposes, full-time enrollment refers to 12-17 credits per semester. Part-time enrollment refers to 6-11 credits per semester. Enrollment in 6 credit hours per semester (including summer) is required for federal financial aid.

2017-2018 Cost of Attendance

Tuition & Fees Full-time Enrollment
(12+ credits)
Part-time Enrollment
(1-11 credits)
Tuition $53,692
(2 semesters)
($1,988 x 24 credits over 3 semesters)
Mandatory Fees
Law Student Fee $510 $372 + $41 (summer)
Sports Center $130 $60
Technology $240 $80
Metro U-Pass
Unlimited metro pass for students registered for 12+ credits
$130 N/A
$1,140 $512
Total Tuition & Fees $54,832
2 semesters
3 semesters

Living & Other Expenses
These are estimates for planning purposes. Actual cost will vary by student
Full-time Enrollment
(12+ credits)
Part-time Enrollment
(1-11 credits)
Room ($1,600/month) $14,400 $14,400
Board ($400/month) $3,600 $3,600
Personal $2,340 $2,340
Transportation $1,140 $2,292
Books & Supplies $1,565 $1,176
Direct Loan Fees (est.)* $1,615 $929
Health Insurance** $1,750 $1,750

*Direct loan fees apply to only U.S. citizens or permanent residents who are taking out government loans.

**Unless specifically requested to waive the health insurance, students will be charged for it. In order to waive the AU health insurance, all students must present proof of a comparable plan to the Student Health Center. Information on how to waive the AU health insurance is provided here. NOTE: all full-time international students on a visa through American University are required to have health insurance.

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is an estimate of educational expenses for the nine-month academic year. Federal law limits COA allowances to the amounts necessary to cover institutional charges and a student lifestyle and may vary from actual costs. The housing allowance assumes a shared accommodation.

In determining how best to cover expenses, consider the budget in its entirety with thought of adjusting expenses in one category to meet costs that may be higher in another. While the cost of attendance cannot be increased to meet obligations beyond those specified, consideration may be given to documented unusual or unexpected expenses.

Cost of Attendance figures are usually updated in early spring for the upcoming fall semester. Tuition charges are subject to change each academic year.

Payment of Fees

The payment of all tuition and fees for students is handled through the University's Office of Student Accounts, and is subject to the rules and regulations of that office. Students who fail to meet the payment due date will be assessed a late registration fee. The university offers deffered-payment plans if needed.

Living Expenses

HOUSING: There is no on-campus housing provided for graduate students; however, there are many off-campus housing options ranging from single/shared apartments to room rentals. Average costs for students sharing accommodations range from $800 to $1,600 per month. Normally, students must also rent or purchase furnishings, such as furniture and cooking utensils. Students planning to live alone should expect to pay at least $1,200+ per month.

Housing resources (including video tutorials on Washington, DC) are provided to all incoming students to aid in the housing search. Additionally, International Student Orientation programs, held at the beginning of each academic semester, provide workshops designed to aid students in their housing search.

SPOUSES & CHILDREN: Married students who plan to bring their families should add at least $5,500 for their spouse and $4,000 for each child per year to their annual living expenses (includes insurance costs).

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Please visit the LL.M. Financial Aid & Scholarships page for more information about financial assistance for the LL.M. programs.