The Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project is a nationally recognized law related education program that promotes democratic engagement, constitutional literacy, and legal advocacy by placing talented upper level law students in high schools to teach yearlong courses in constitutional law and oral advocacy.

The Project supports law students in developing foundational lawyering and professionalism skills by giving them the tools they need to address the well-documented constitutional illiteracy and civic disengagement of America's high school students. Fellows use inquiry-based educational methods to support their high school students in developing 21st Century skill sets of creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, and critical thinking.


  • The AUWCL Marshall-Brennan chapter will host the 25th Anniversary Celebration and the annual Marshall-Brennan National Moot Court Competition & Conference on Friday, April 5, 2024, and Saturday, April 6, 2024, respectively. 
    • Register here to attend the 25th Anniversary Celebration Reception.
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  • The AUWCL Marshall-Brennan chapter will host the second annual Youth Law Summit on Thursday, April 4, 2024. 
  • Currently, the 2024-2025 Marshall-Brennan Teaching Fellow Application is closed. 

Empowering Youth to Question Democratic Citizenry

Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy develops in high school students the 21st century skills of creativity, problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking -- skills that are necessary to support an empowered, active, questioning democratic citizenry.

"The Marshall-Brennan experience is an invaluable opportunity for both the fellows and the students. I have learned things about myself that will be with me forever."

Rosa Satanovskaya, 2009-'10 Marshall-Brennan Fellow