Tuition & Fees
Cost of Attendance: 2016 - 2017
(Nine-Month Academic Year)


Full Time

(12-17 credits)

Part Time

(below 12 credits)
Tuition $51,876 $36,499 ($1,921 x 19 credits) (1)  
Fees $1,140 $512

Living Expenses
Budget Per Month

  $53,016 (2) $37,011
Room (3) $13,315 $13,315 $1,479 (includes utilities)
Board $3,563 $3,563 $396
Personal $2,200 $2,200 $244
Transportation (4) $1,140 $2,592  
Books $1,855 $1,566  
Loan Fees (5) $1,615 $929
Total $76,704 $61,176 $2,119 per month
  1. Standard first-year (JD) course load. Financial Aid is prorated to actual credit hours at $1,921 per credit.
  2. Figure does not include the cost of AU Health Insurance which you may be required to purchase if you are not already covered by your own (or parent) health plan. Funding for assessed AU coverage is available upon request.
  3. Room allowance is based on shared housing accommodations.
  4. Transportation is adjusted to reflect Metro pass for full-time students only. Mandatory associated charge is included in student fees.
  5. In compliance with federal regulations, AUWCL's policy is to use an average of loan fees charged to all borrowers.

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is the maximum amount of financial aid permitted from all sources during the nine-month school year. Institutional funds awarded by WCL, in combination with tuition-only outside assistance, cannot exceed WCL tuition.

While the COA cannot be increased to meet non-educational obligations, documented extraordinary expenses and/or special needs may be considered per federal regulations. The COA can be increased for a one-time computer and/or related equipment purchase under specified conditions.

Students taking more than 17 credits (with Registrar approval) are charged per credit above the standard rate.

In determining how best to cover expenses, consider the budget in its entirety with thought of adjusting expenses in one category to meet costs that may be higher in another. It should be noted that the room allowance is based on shared housing accommodations. Enrollment in six credit hours per semester is required for receipt of financial aid.




AU Washington College of Law reserve the right to modify or change the contents of the student budget without notice.