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The JDMA program allows students to earn a JD from the Washington College of Law (WCL) and an MA in International Affairs from the School of International Service (SIS). The program exposes students interested in international law to political, historical, and economic classes germane to their future international practice.

It is particularly suitable for two types of students: those who are firmly committed to legal practice and who want to specialize in matters with a transnational focus and those who want to open the lawyer's route to a career influencing international policy. By completing the dual program students deepen their knowledge of international law that candidates for the law degree alone can rarely, if ever, achieve. The overall intent is to make students uniquely qualified for a career with the government, multinational corporations, law firms, nongovernmental organizations, and international organizations.

The JDMA in International Affairs program builds on the special strengths of the Washington College of Law and the School of International Service. U.S. New and World Report lists the Washington College of Law as one of the top ten programs in international law in the United States. The School of International Service is the largest school of international affairs in the United States, offering a wide range of small classes, recognized for their blend of theory, policy and practice.

How to Apply

Incoming first-year students:
- On the law school application once you select the full-time option there is a drop-down list for dual degree programs and select JDMA. You must also complete the brief SIS online application form for consideration for the MA portion of the program. You will not need to pay an MA application fee. Candidates must first be admitted to the JD program to be considered for the JDMA. After JDMA applicants are admitted to WCL, an electronic copy of their JD admissions file including application and LSAC Credential Assemby Service (CAS) report is uploaded to SIS. The LSAT score will be considered in lieu of a GRE score.

- You will receive separate admissions decisions from WCL and SIS. Those admitted by WCL will receive an admit email followed by an official letter. You will also be notified by SIS via email when your MA decision is ready to be viewed online.

- If admitted to both the JD and MA, your SIS enrollment deposit is waived if you have already confirmed your decision to accept the WCL admissions offer and have paid your WCL enrollment deposit. If you did not indicate JDMA on your law school application, please email your JDMA consideration request to Associate Director of Admissions Brooke Sandoval at sandoval@wcl.american.edu.

Current WCL JD students who want to add the MA program:
- Complete the short SIS application form online. This form is the only form you need to complete with SIS for MA consideration. You do not need to pay an application fee or an enrollment deposit if admitted.

- You must have a minimum 3.0 GPA at WCL to be eligible for the JDMA program.

- You must apply before your final 3L semester. Preferably you should apply before or during your 2L year.

- Once you have completed the online form, you must request for a copy of your JD application forms (LSDAS forms) to be sent to the SIS Graduate Admissions office. 1L students must submit the request to the WCL Associate Director of Admissions Brooke Sandoval at sandoval@wcl.american.edu. 2L students must submit the request to the WCL Registrar's Office.

- The application deadline to apply for the fall semester is APRIL 1 and for the spring semester OCTOBER 15.

- Your application will be reviewed only if all required documents are received.

- You will be notified via email when your admissions decision is ready to be viewed online.

Online Application Instructions for Incoming and Current JDs:

- To start your online application Click here

- Click on the option that says "Not Registered Yet? Create An Account.”

- Fill out all required fields on the account creation page. For Academic Level , choose Masters. For Program Applying For, choose JD/MA International Affairs.

- Once your account is created, go back to the application portal and log in using your new login credentials.

- Once logged in, complete the one-page JDMA application form from there on. The application fee should automatically be waived but if there's an issue, contact SIS.

For questions about this online form, please contact SIS Graduate Admissions Office at 202-885-1646 or sisgrad@american.edu.