Online Application Instructions:


First-Year Entering Students

Submit the law school application and select the Full-time Division and then JD/MA degree objective. Then follow steps 1-5 below to submit the MA application form. There's no need to complete step 6 since all JD/MA candidates who are admitted by WCL will have their JD materials uploaded to SIS within a few weeks of admission to the JD program.

Current Degree-Seeking JD Students

1) To start your online application Click here

2) Click on the option that says "Not Registered Yet? Create An Account.”

3) Fill out all required fields on the account creation page. For Academic Level , choose Masters. For Program Applying For, choose JD/MA International Affairs.

4) Once your account is created, go back to the application portal and log in using your new login credentials.

5) Once logged in, complete the one-page JDMA application form from there on. The application fee should automatically be waived but if there's an issue, contact SIS. (For questions about this online form, please contact SIS Graduate Admissions Office at (202) 885-1646 or )

6) Once you have submitted your application to SIS, email the WCL Office of Admissions at to request your JD admissions materials be forwarded to SIS .