Degree Requirements

Program requires 101 credits:
SIS credits needed for MA= 21, plus 15 double-counted from WCL
WCL credits needed for JD= 80, plus 6 double-counted from SIS

The JD/MA is a 3½ year program (minimum time depending on the number of SIS credits taken during a student’s JD semester(s)) with the Washington College of Law (WCL) and the School of International Service (SIS). Students cannot graduate from both the JD and MA in the same semester and must complete at least six (6) credits of SIS coursework after the completing their JD degree. In addition to their JD, students in the JD/MA program receive an MA in International Affairs from SIS at the completion of the program.

Students may not transfer credit from other universities to count towards their MA degree. Students must complete all non-WCL MA coursework within SIS and may not use coursework from other AU schools (CAS, KSB, SOC, or SPA) to fulfill SIS MA requirements.

JD/MA Advising Handout:

This handout details the degree requirements and the specific SIS courses that are required.

  • Non-credit Foreign Language Requirement: All SIS graduate students, including JD/MA students must fulfill the non-credit language requirement, which must demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English. Proficiency is defined as:
    • reading proficiency at the intermediate level
    • ability to read an article written in the language with good comprehension using a dictionary only for specialized terminology

Please consult the SIS Graduate Advising website for information on additional ways to satisfy this requirement:

  • Non-credit Professional Experience Requirement: JD/MA students must demonstrate evidence of professional experience relevant to their MA program. For more information: JD/MA students have additional ways to fulfill the professional experience requirement. Please consult the SIS JD/MA Graduate Academic Advisor for more information.