Who Should Apply?

This graduate certificate program is designed for attorneys, law students, legal professionals, and others eager to acquire working knowledge of the legal principles and practical implications of U.S. Immigration Law. Among the participants in prior sessions were the following:

- Attorneys seeking to begin a transition into immigration law practice

- Attorneys hoping to do immigration-related pro bono work

- Lawyers who practice in the following areas, which touch upon immigration: criminal defense, criminal prosecution, family law, labor law, and public benefits

- Law students

- Paralegals and human resources professionals

- Overseas lawyers and legal professionals

- Other professionals seeking to educate themselves about this timely and important topic

Students will learn:

- Necessary background knowledge to understand the key provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and the different entities that have jurisdiction over immigration matters

- Basic pathways and procedures for entering the U.S. on permanent or temporary visas

- Categories of individuals who are excluded from entry, and vulnerable to deportation

- Treatment under U.S. law of refugees, asylum-seekers, and others seeking humanitarian protection

- Policies and procedures relating to immigration enforcement and border control

- Laws and regulations relating to becoming a U.S. citizen

- Key immigration law developments under the Trump administration