Feedback From Prior Students

Professor Rathod is a great professor. He is knowledgeable in the field of immigration law and is an engaging and effective educator. The course content was very good and materials were presented clearly. The best part was having access to lectures to be able to repeat certain complicated sections as needed.

The content modules were fantastic. The categorizations of the material into modules made sense. The lectures were clear, the readings and (nonlecture) videos were on point and helpful without being too lengthy, and the written questions really helped solidify the concepts.

Professor Rathod was phenomenal. His recorded and live lectures were well organized and covered all relevant material, including up to the minute analysis of current happenings in immigration law. The written exercises were well thought out as well, requiring me to thoroughly review and understand the material in order to finish the assignment. His comments to my written work, discussion posts, and questions were timely and thoughtful.

I really enjoyed the content and live lectures in the class. I also really enjoyed that this class discussed what was going on nationally as well since it is so relevant to what we were learning. Please have a sequel to this course!!