Academic Advising

At AUWCL, we are proud of our rich curriculum and excellent faculty which allow for students to explore a multitude of areas and practice types. Whether you have a specific area of focus in law school or are looking for a more broad-based foundational legal education, you should make your curricular choices in consultation with experts. Sitting down with an academic advisor can ensure not just that you will be meet all of your AUWCL requirements in time for your projected graduation date, but also that you are able to craft the academic experience that is best for you and your career goals while maintaining an appropriate course load and work-life balance.

Academic Planning Resources

In order to access the academic planning resources, you will be prompted to log in to a Microsoft page using your AU credentials (email address and password). Please use not or

Academic Planning Guide

Graduation Checklists

Credit Planning Worksheets (You must download these files to be able to input data)

Sample 2L Full Time Fall Schedules

Information Session Videos