Planning an Event

The Office of Special Events & Continuing Legal Education (SECLE) provides support with planning, organization, marking and registration for a range of exciting and unique programs, workshops and seminars at Washington College of Law. These programs increase the visibility of WCL and provide quality programs for students, alumni and outside participants.

SECLE continues to reinforce WCL’s mission to provide the legal community with a variety of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses presented by the foremost experts in their field of practice. WCL is an accredited provider for Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York and will seek accreditation from all other states as requested by attendees. SECLE works with program organizers to ensure programs reach the criteria necessary for accreditation in the various states.

The SECLE staff includes:

Jennifer Dabson, Director, (202) 274-4077,
Christine Drummond, Event & Conference Coordinator, (202) 274-4450,
Hirfa Denise Richards
, Senior Administrative Assistant, (202) 274-4076,

For further information please contact:

Office of Special Events & Continuing Legal Education
Phone: 202.274.4075
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SECLE is located in the 4300 Nebraska Ave. building, Suite YT02

What SECLE can offer

Working with WCL faculty, students, and staff, the Office of Special Events & Continuing Legal Education (SECLE) offers efficient, flexible program management and registration services designed to maximize the attendance at programs and events.

SECLE can assist with the following:

  • Planning and development of program content (program form attached)
  • Advertising/Marketing Outreach (including Brochures, Flyers, ListServ Postings, Signage)
  • Budget Development and Management (Sample budget attached)
  • Applying for CLE Accreditation
  • Development & Collation of CLE Material (Sample table of contents attached)
  • Website Management
  • On-line Registration set-up
  • Logistical Coordination - SECLE handles all aspects of our EMS (Event Management System) after meeting with program chairs/committees to determine needs. Attached is a sample logistics form of what EMS will produce.
  • Audio and visual requirements
  • Travel and hotel arrangements for speakers in certain circumstances
  • On-site Registration
  • Room selection and facility requests
  • Preparation of name badges and tent cards for speakers
  • Preparation of name badges for attendees
  • Catering selections

Whether organizing a large conference or small events, SECLE provides assistance with a variety of planning needs. Contact SECLE to begin planning an program today.

For full Information on Planning an event Please click the link below: