The Regulation of Adoption: Protecting Children and Families

9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Room 603

This event is limited to federal and state government employees & AU WCL students and faculty.

ID will be required.

An in-depth discussion on the current landscape of adoption regulation, and the need for reform on the state, federal and international levels. Panelists to include federal officials responsible for regulation of international adoption activity, state licensing authorities, and Attorneys General, who will discuss current regulatory challenges and the need for intrastate and interstate cooperation in addressing problematic practices. Adoption and human rights experts will present information on the current state of affairs and necessary protections to guard against the sale of, or trafficking in, children; coercive techniques to compel placement; and the current lack of consumer regulation devices for adoptive parents.

Sponsored by Public Interest/Public Service (PIPS)

AU WCL Students, AU WCL Faculty& Staff, & Federal and State Government Employees (ONLY) – no charge
(registration is required)

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