Turkey: At the Crossroads of Secular West and Traditional East

9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Turkey has always been at the crossroads between the East and the West both in terms of geography and national identity. Today, as we face growing tensions between secular ideals and an assertion of Islamic identity, Turkey is more important than ever. This one day conference explores the topic of "secularism" in Turkey by looking at the legacy of Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey and comparing the "Kamalist experiment" with other secularist movements of the region. The Conference also addresses European and American relations with Turkey, the question of the Turkish accession to the European Union (EU), and the tension between secularism and an assertion of an Islamic identity in Turkey.
Sponsored by the International Legal Studies Program (ILSP), the LLM Board of ILSP, the International Trade Law Society, and the Islamic Legal Forum

Students, Alumni, Faculty, Staff & General Public – no charge
(registration is required)

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