Emerging Issues in National and International Security (EMININT 2007) *CLE*

March 19

8:00 a.m. - 5:15 p.m.

Now in its third year, this symposium addresses the pressing issues of the day in the fields of national and international security. This year, the conference will discuss: the interplay of domestic surveillance and the war on terror; the issues raised by conducting national security trials under constant media scrutiny; a comparison of domestic security practices among foreign countries; and the sea changes shaping the our nation's defense lobbying environment. As in previous years, EMININT 2007 will include speakers at the apex of their respective fields. They are drawn from three continents and across the United States, and include academic experts, senior U.S. government policymakers, and international legal authorities and media experts. These experts have written books, made and interpreted laws and regulations, and reported on national security's ever-changing realities. This daylong symposium offers powerful insight from extraordinary experts, and has much to offer anyone with an interest in national security.

Sponsored by the WCL Chapter of the National Security and Law Society


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