2006 Founders' Celebration Events

2006 Founders' Brochure

  • January 17
    Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Commemoration
  • January 19
    Opportunities Day
  • January 25
    The WCL Externship Fair
  • January 27-28 (CLE)
    Mid-Atlantic People of Color Legal Scholarship Conference
  • February 1
    WCL Connects Associations Fair
  • February 2-4
    Burton D. Wechsler First Amendment Competition
  • February 8
    Thinking Big When Choosing Small: The Secrets of Small and Mid-Size Law Firm Hiring
  • February 8
    Issues Facing Small and Mid-Size Law Firms in a Competitive Market
  • February 9 (CLE)
    The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty: A Legal Framework in Crisis
  • February 9 (CLE)
    Out of Thin Air: The Challenges of Media Regulation in the Era of Technological Convergence
  • February 10 (CLE)
    Bankruptcy 2.0(05): Chapters, Changes and Challenges
  • February 13
    A Passion for Justice: The Clarence Darrow Story and Panel on Reconciling Professional Ethics with Passionate Representation
  • February 15 (CLE)
    Women's Health in Developing Countries: Effects of Access to and Quality of Healthcare on Their Economies
  • February 16
    Death Penalty Dilemmas: Religious, Moral and Legal Perspectives
  • February 16 (CLE)
    Crossing Borders: Legislative Solutions to Immigration Issues
  • February 17 (CLE)
    Reparations and the Law
  • February 20 (CLE)
    Recent Developments in the Repatriation of Native American Cultural Heritage
  • February 21
    Serving the South Asian Community Here and Abroad
  • February 22 (CLE)
    Future of International Chemical Regulation
  • February 23-25
    American University Law Revue
  • February 24 (CLE)
    Orphan Works
  • February 27 (CLE)
    Lessons from NAFTA - Trade Dispute Resolution: US/Canada Softwood Lumber Dispute - How We Did We Get Here... What's The Answer?
  • February 28
    Jurists and Gender: Highlighting the Experiences and Contributions of Female Judges
  • March 2 (CLE)
    Cracks in the System: The Adequacy of U.S. Healthcare Regulation in a Global Age. The Administrative Law Review's Annual Symposium
  • March 2
    EJF Public Interest Annual Auction
  • March 3 (CLE)
    The UN and Regional Systems' Legal Framework on Torture
  • March 6 (CLE)
    Common Ground: Global Perspectives on Minorities' Land Rights
  • March 7
    Courting Justice: The Contested Role of the Courts for the Struggle for LGBT Equality
  • March 7 (CLE)
    Criminal Law in the 21st Century
  • March 8 (CLE)
    Ninth Annual Hispanic Law Conference
  • March 9 (CLE)
    Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions
  • March 9
    Women's Rights and Access to Justice in the Americas
  • March 17
    One Nation Under the Constitution - Bridging Communities Through Constitutional Literacy
  • March 18
    The William H. Karchmer Spring Moot Court Competition
  • March 20-21 (CLE)
    Emerging Issues in National and International Security (EMININT 2006)
  • March 23 (CLE)
    Diversity Consulting: Solving Race and Gender Issues Without the Courts?
  • March 24-25 (CLE)
    IP/Gender: The Unmapped Connections
  • March 27 (CLE)
    Defenders of Democracy: Reclaiming and Advancing Constitutional Rights
  • March 28 (CLE)
    International Law and International Financial Institutions
  • March 29
    The Eighth Annual Grotius Lecture
  • March 30
    The Washington College of Law's Feminist Roots: How Far Have We Come? A Focus on Feminist Legal Pioneers Today
  • March 31
    Human Rights Implications of Hurricane Katrina: 6 Months Later
  • April 1-2
    The Sixth Annual National High School Moot Court Competition
  • April 3 (CLE)
    Human Rights and Sustainable Development
  • April 4
    7th Annual Peter M. Cicchino Awards
  • April 5
    WCL Living History Student Essay Competition and Panel
  • April 7
    Honoring An American Pioneer: Perry Wallace and 40 years of Groundbreaking Achievement
  • April 7-8
    10th Annual Sylvania Woods Conference on African Americans and the Law
  • April 10 (CLE)
    A Legislative Framework for the War on Terror?
  • April 11
    Library of Congress Roundtable Discussion
  • April 13 (CLE)
    Winning the War on Terror: Beyond Crusades and Califates
  • April 19 (CLE)
    The Nonprofit Capital Market: Investment Notes and other Socially Responsible Investment Mechanisms for Accessing Investor Capital
  • April 20
    Comparative Perspectives on International Law
  • April 21 (CLE)
    Critical Race Theory Workshop: Race, Law and Society
  • April 21
    The Present and Future of the European Court of Human Rights
  • April 25
    Theorizing the Nonprofit Organization
  • April 26
    Women and the Law Leadership Presents Edna Ruth Vincent '89
  • April 27 (CLE)
    Lessons from NAFTA - Trade in the Americas: What Can Latin America Learn from NAFTA?
  • April 28
    Humphrey Fellowship Program Certificate Ceremony
  • May 17
    The Seventh Annual William H. Karchmer Awards Ceremony and Celebration
  • May 22-26
    11th Annual Inter-American Human Rights Moot Court Competition
  • May 25-27
    The European American Consortium on Legal Education