Serving the South Asian Community Here and Abroad

February 21

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

The program will include: Legal Strategies that Worked - How Local Legal Groups Engaged in Effective Problem Solving and Addressed the Needs of the Community (From grant-writing to coalition building, the path to implementing change makes for a long, arduous journey. Despite the struggle, local organizations have managed to succeed in achieving change. Through innovative lobbying campaigns, townhall meetings, and legal clinics, these groups have managed to address a tangible and immediate need facing the South Asian & Asian community. This is an opportunity to draw out the common lessons from their experiences to develop a tangible plan of action for future efforts) and How to Give Back: Adoption, Disaster Relief, Documentaries, and Reversing Brain Drain (There are various ways in which South Asians are giving back to their communities, not only here, but abroad as well. Efforts to adopt children, reverse brain drain, creatively bring attention to critical issues, organize disaster relief efforts are only a few examples, but they highlight innovative strategies and options to give back to South Asian countries. This segment of the symposium will showcase the efforts of individuals and organizations that are trying to make a difference and explore their impact.)

Sponsored by the South Asian Law Students Association
Contact: Zehra Naqvi, Executive Board Member,