Women’s Health in Developing Countries: Effects of Access to and Quality of Healthcare on Their Economies

February 15

10:00 am - 1:30 pm

In 2000, United Nations members set forth a bold and ambitious agenda in the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), namely: to promote human development and raise the quality of life for all individuals. Yet many of these MDGs - especially poverty reduction, gender equality, improvement of child and maternal health and combating HIV/AIDS - cannot be achieved without first addressing women's health issues generally. Worldwide, illnesses and deaths from poor reproductive health account for one-fifth of the global burden of disease and, each year, more than half a million women die during childbirth or due to pregnancy-related complications. This conference will address how investing in women's health in developing countries will not only save countless lives, but also will help to strengthen individuals' capacities to live more productive lives and break out of poverty cycles, thus promoting sustainable economic development.

Cosponsored by the Health Law Project of the LLM Program on Law and Government, Health Law and Justice Society, the Black Law Students Association, Women’s Law Association and the International Law Society
Contact: Corrine Parver, Executive Director, Health Law Project cparver@wcl.american.edu

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