2002 Founders' Celebration Events

To Preserve the Past, To Serve the Present, To Improve the Future:
New Challenges for Civil Legal Services and Criminal Defense

(Co-sponsored by the National Equal Justice Library -
a joint project of the American Bar Association,
the National Legal Aid and Defender Association,
and the American Association of Law Libraries)
April 12, 2002

This day-long forum addressed the topic of equal access to justice from comparative and historical perspectives as well as Abner Louima, police brutality victim, Brooklyn, NY and Daryl Beard, law officer, speak at the Founder' 2001, Behind the Blue Wall of Silence: Understanding Police Misconduct Across America, within the context of recent world events. Panels of distinguished experts along with conference attendees focused on three timely topics: The Right to Counsel in Civil Cases-Is America Finally Ready for this Step?; Administration of the Death Penalty in the Twenty-First Century, and The Impact of Terrorism on the Balance Between Civil Liberties and National Security. The National Equal Justice Library also presented Smith Book Awards and Cahn Article Awards to outstanding publications on the subject of equal access to justice at the conference.