2002 Founders' Celebration Events

The Center for the Global South's Tenth Anniversary Conference:
Human Security for the Global South:
Challenges of Peace & Development in the Twenty-first Century

(Co-sponsored by The Center for the Global South)
March 20-21, 2002

The conference assessed the current state of human security in the Global South, a topic that has gained even more urgency in light of the events of September 11th. Conflict, poverty, infectious disease and human rights violations threaten the survival of millions of people in the Global South. Conventional approaches have proved insufficient to meet the challenges of globalization that affect communities and individuals unevenly. The concept of human security focuses on a human-centered approach to effectively and comprehensively address the twin challenges of freedom from want and freedom from fear. The conference helped to map out possible steps for local, national, and multinational actors to further the task of improving human security. By bringing together leading international policymakers and analysts, the conference sought to promote informed decision-making and international consensus on the causes of and solutions to the problems that continue to further polarize the global haves and have-nots. Invited guests: Kofi Annan, secretary general of the UN; Amartya Sen and Sadako Ogata, co-chairs of the UN Commission on Human Security.