2007 Fall Events

  • September 17
    Constitution Day
  • September 19
    Public Interest Speed Networking Event
  • September 20-21
    “Left Out in the Cold? The Chilling of Speech, Association, and the Press in Post 9/11 America” American Civil Liberties Union & American University Law Review Symposium **
  • September 25
    Ninth Annual Looking Ahead at the New Supreme Court Term
  • September 25
    Anti Trust Lecture Series: China’s Proposed Antimonopoly Law **
  • September 25
    Media Literacy and Education
  • September 28
    International Right-to-Know Day
  • October 1-5
    International Week
  • October 3
    Eighth Annual Human Rights Film Series: Encounter Point
  • October 8
    International Legal Issues: The Current Debate over the Immunity of Foreign Cultural Property from Suit in the United States **
  • October 9-12
    Fourth Annual Seminar on International Commercial Arbitration: International Arbitration Program: How to Handle Oil and Gas Industry Cases **
  • October 10
    The Integration of Inter-American System of Human Rights on a National Level and the Challenge of Training, Assessment and Monitoring of Training Programs for Judges
  • October 12
    Connecting Women, Effecting Change: the Second Annual D.C. Women’s Networking Event
  • October 13
    Thomas Tang Moot Court Competition – Northeast Regional
  • October 15
    American University Washington College of Law Annual Lecture on International Arbitration Sponsored by Thelen Reid Brown Raysman & Steiner LLP. 2007 Speaker: Dr. Julian Lew, Q.C., London, UK
  • October 16-20
    National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary 2007 Conference
  • October 17
    Eighth Annual Human Rights Film Series: Devil’s Miner
  • October 23
    Media Impact on Litigation in the 21st Century**
  • October 24
    Investment Arbitration in Latin America
  • October 24
    Eighth Annual Human Rights Film Series: The Refugee All Stars
  • October 25
    Live Videoconference from the Securities and Exchange Commission, cosponsored with the ABA **
  • October 25
    J. Thomas McCarthy – 3rd Annual Finnegan and Henderson Distinguished Lecture on Intellectual Property
  • October 26
    The American Prosecutor: Power, Discretion and Accountability **
  • October 26 - CANCELLED
    11th Annual SBA Golf Tournament
  • November 2
    How Legal Rhetoric Shapes the Law
  • November 2-3
    14th Annual Burton D. Wechsler First Amendment Moot Court Competition
  • November 7
    Third Annual Legal Dimensions of Climate Change Conference ** - POSTPONED
  • November 8
    Revisiting the Law School Diversity Imperative: Access & Definition Conference
  • November 8
    Gonzales v Carhart and the Degradation of Abortion Provision in the U.S.
  • November 8
    Eighth Annual Human Rights Film Series: Ghosts of Abu Ghraib
  • November 15
    Torture around the World
  • November 17
    William H. Karchmer Fall 2007 Moot Court Competition

** CLE Accreditation will be applied for