WCL Faculty Speaks - Addressing key legal and policy issues impacted by the COVID-19 crisis

WCL Faculty Speaks

American University Washington College of Law has launched a new faculty webinar series – “WCL Faculty Speaks” – to address key legal and policy issues impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. The series of live webinars, hosted by Washington College of Law legal experts, address the state of international human rights, health law and policy, constitutional rights, national security, and more during the pandemic.

“Our faculty includes prominent scholars in a wide range of legal specialties affected by the pandemic,” said Professor Jonas Anderson, associate dean for scholarship at AUWCL. “Through ‘WCL Faculty Speaks’ we plan to share our experiences, analyze the present situation – from national and international viewpoints – and provide context that will help attorneys, law students and anyone interested in how the world is changing to expand their knowledge of important aspects of the impact of COVID-19. This is news you can use: how COVID-19 is impacting these diverse areas of legal practice and how that impact shapes the way people live.”

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Past Webinars

Claudio Grossman, Fernanda Nicola, Macarena Saez, and Robert Goldman

States of Emergency in International Law and the Current Pandemic

On Wednesday, May 20, International Law Professors Robert Goldman, Fernanda Nicola, Claudio Grossman, and Macarena Saez addressed the global impact of COVID-19 during “WCL Faculty Speaks: States of Emergency in International Law and the Current Pandemic

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Professor Lindsay Wiley

COVID-19 and Public Health Law

On Thursday, June 11,  Professor Lindsay Wiley, director of the AUWCL Health Law and Policy Program, addressed the legal and policy impacts of the global pandemic during “WCL Faculty Speaks: COVID-19 and Public Health Law.”

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Professor Lindsay Wiley

Migration Law and Policy during the covid-19 pandemic

On Monday, June 29,  Professor and Associate Dean for Experiential Education Jayesh Rathod, Professor Janie Chuang, and Assistant Professor Anita Sinha addressed the current impacts on immigration during "WCL Faculty Speaks: Migration Law and Policy During the COVID-19 Pandemic."

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Additional Webinars

Fernando Laguarda, Brenda Smith, Cynthia Jones, and Roy Austin

Program on Law and Government Hosts Virtual Panel on Criminal Justice Policy and Reform

On June 23, American University Washington College of Law’s Program on Law and Government presented “Defund the Police? Mapping a Reform Agenda,” discussing the ways in which criminal justice reform can be obtained.

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AUWCL Alumni Webinar Speakers

Practice and Career Trends in Finance, Insurance, and M&A Sectors During COVID-19

The WCL Alumni Webinar Series, hosted by Director of Alumni Professional Development Matthew Pascocello, features WCL alumni and outside expert speakers. This installment discusses how the finance, insurance, and M&A sectors have been impacted by the global pandemic.

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