AUWCL Welcomes Diverse, Talented Class of Incoming 1L Students for the 2021-22 Academic Year

Aug. 30, 2021

American University Washington College of Law is excited to welcome a talented and diverse group of over 350 1L students to the law school community for the 2021-22 academic year.

Our incoming JD students bring with them a number of impressive work and volunteer experience, along with academic achievements from previous institutions. These students reflect the nation, our world, and AUWCL's commitment to inclusive excellence with a female student population of 64% and diversity representation of 36% — including 55 Asian/Pacific Islander students, 53 Hispanic/Latino students, 33 Black/African American students, and seven Native American students.

AUWCL welcomed these new members of the law school community to DC and the AUWCL campus during JD Orientation, bringing together 1L students to meet new law school Dean Roger A. Fairfax, volunteer throughout the local community, and hear from DC At-Large Councilmember Robert White.

Learn more about our JD orientation here

“After an admissions cycle that necessitated virtual only recruitment, the JD Admissions team was thrilled to welcome our new students in-person during Orientation,” said Brooke Sandoval, Associate Director of AUWCL Admissions. “This incoming class not only brings exceptional academic credentials, but the students represent a diversity of backgrounds, languages, and prior work experiences that will further enhance our student community. “

The incoming JD students hail from 42 of the states, as well as Washington, DC and Puerto Rico. Other students have come to study at AUWCL from abroad, including Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Egypt, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Panama, Spain, and South Korea.

A Myriad of Experiences from Around the World

The class represents 193 undergraduate institutions, with 169 students having graduated with honors. Many come to AUWCL having already obtained postgraduate degrees, including 49 Masters, three PhDs, and one MD.

The former work experiences of the class underscores AUWCL’s motto of “Champion What Matters,” having 11 students who previously served in the U.S. military, 54 that interned or worked as staff on Capitol Hill, 14 participated in AmeriCorps or Teach for America, and six that volunteered with Peace Corps.

Other professional opportunities they’ve pursued included COVID-19 response specialist for the Long Island Coalition for the Homeless; pilot for SkyWest Airlines; director of government affairs for the National Head Start Association; biomedical patent examiner for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; and a bilingual dubbing actress in Chengdu, China.

Also joining our community this 2021-22 school year are 69 LL.M. students and 3 SJD candidates.

Of the incoming JD students, as of Aug. 23:

  • Their average age is 24
  • They were born in 28 different countries
  • 33% studied abroad in 47 foreign countries
  • They speak 35 different foreign languages, including Japanese, Arabic, Dutch, Tagalog, and Wolof