U.S. and International Anti-Corruption Program Welcomes Former WTO Director General Pascal Lamy

Former Director Meeting

In September, the U.S. and International Anti-Corruption Law Program welcomed the former WTO Director General Pascal Lamy for a program on “Addressing Corruption in Global Trade.” Lamy worked with the WTO from 2005 until 2013.

 “It is all fine to say that corruption is a crime, but the reality depends very much on how this is enforced,” said Lamy in his remarks to an audience of nearly 120 attendees. “We need to have this sort of global approach and we need to make our case to raise awareness and political willingness.”  

Joining Lamy for the policy dialogue were:

  • Nancy Boswell, director, U.S. and International Anti-Corruption Law Program
  • Alan Larson, chairman, Transparency International USA 
  • Tim Reif, general counsel, U.S. Trade Representative

(Pictured L to R: Nancy Boswell, Alan Larson, Pascal Lamy, Dean Claudio Grossman, Tim Reif.)

International Anti-Corruption Law at AUWCL

The international anti-corruption law opportunities at AUWCL have included full semester seminars on the anticorruption legal framework, globally recognized speakers, and a one week intensive certificate program for practitioners.

“We’ve trained judges, prosecutors, anti-corruption commission legal advisers, barristers, and in house counsel, diplomats, and development experts and they’ve come from countries as diverse as Australia, Brazil, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Uganda,” said Boswell. “This program is just one of the many ways that AUWCL has distinguished itself in the field of international law.”

Over 40 legal professionals from across the globe participated in the program’s summer offerings in 2014.  With a rising global demand for practitioners with the skills to help prevent, detect, investigate, and prosecute corruption, practical courses provided attendees with opportunities to learn from and interact with peer professional and expert instructors. Courses were taught by AUWCL faculty along with guest lecturers from the World Bank and IADB, the Departments of Justice and Commerce and Sentencing Commission, the OECD, Carnegie Endowment, and non-profits such as Global Financial Integrity and Transparency International.

For Alex Z., a recent AUWCL graduate, the summer program provided a crucial overview of U.S. and international law and policies in anti-corruption law.

“The accessibility of the faculty and speakers were a key component in the anti-corruption law program. You had the opportunity to speak with these professionals outside of the classroom and get insights into their work in the field,” said Alex. “Being in Washington, D.C., AUWCL is in a great position to offer this program. My colleagues brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom, and each course complemented the others.”

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