Nov 06 Tue

The Fusion of Drones and Artificial Intelligence: Benefits, Threats and Law Pertaining to National Security

12:00PM - 05:00PM Tenley Campus - Yuma YT01-01 Grossman Hall

Panel 1: Drones

The first panel will begin with a broad overview of the legal issues raised by the current and near-future use of drones--commercial and governmental--in the National Security Enterprise before exploring more nuanced topics such as the use of drones in targeting and surveillance, and the potential threats posed by misuse of civil drones.

Keynote Interview: 

Michael Huerta, Administrator of the FAA (2013-18).

This interview will focus on the fusion of unmanned systems and AI and what the normative, legal, and regulatory issues that such a fusion creates.

Panel 2: AI, Autonomy, and Unmanned Systems

This second panel will examine the emerging legal and regulatory frameworks and their impact/effectiveness in mitigating the nascent national security concerns that are only now becoming apparent as rapidly-developing AI technology and autonomous systems are or soon will be integrated into the commercial and military spheres. Topics of discussion will likely include autonomous weapons systems and their legality in and potential impact on warfare, and the potential hazards posed by self-driving cars and autonomous aerial package delivery systems.


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