2022 ONLINE International Legal Education Abroad and LL.M. Administrators Conference

Rebound and Reengage: Getting ready for an International

Legal Education Renaissance

April 21-22, 2022

Location: Zoom (please register to receive a Zoom link)  Registration fee: $30

Each year, the International Legal Education Abroad and LL.M. Administrators Conference brings key practitioners together from across the United States and abroad to discuss common challenges and to develop best practices on some of the most pressing issues in the exciting and dynamic areas of J.D. international legal education abroad and LL.M. program administration.

We all witnessed how the COVID-19 pandemic has badly battered the international education sector during which time everyone in the international legal education abroad and LL.M. programs community took unprecedented efforts to keep programs afloat, still send students abroad, welcome international LL.M. students, in person or virtually, and keep them all in good health, spirit and success. We are starting 2022 with many hopes, ready to rebound, reengage, and keep building and expanding U.S. international education, education abroad, and exchange offerings.

Guest speakers from the U.S. government will provide information about initiatives, grants, and new efforts that are part of the renewed U.S. commitment to international education. Education USA colleagues will give updates on regional plans and measures. Administrators from law schools in the U.S. and abroad will share their valuable experience and expertise about the current situation with abroad and LL.M. programs: details about new initiatives they are exploring with partners abroad, future plans for short-term and long-term programs abroad, and overcoming various pandemic-related requirements and challenges with LL.M. recruitment and visas. We will talk about the feelings of burnout we are all experiencing due to two years of the pandemic and address how we have dealt with our own and our students' mental health issues and how we actively promote and incorporate diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

It is still not too late to submit your proposal – the due date is Friday, March 11, 2022. Registration is open NOW!
The Planning Committee will aim to organize a mix of panels, roundtable discussions, and free-flow conversations. Please include your preferred length and format in your submission.
-          Abstract submission: Tuesday, February 15, 2022
-          Selection: Monday, February 28, 2022
-          Presentation submission: Monday, April 11, 2022
Submissions should include the following:
-          The title of your presentation, length, and format
-          An abstract (300-500 words) explaining the topic and why this topic would be of interest to conference participants
-          A short biography (100-200 words)
-          Names, titles, affiliations, and email addresses of all proposed presenters