Introducing the AUWCL 2005 - 2006 Humphrey Fellows

Tashi Chhozom

Tashi Chhozom is the first woman to serve as a district judge for the Royal Court of Justice in Bhutan. As a judge, she has taken special interest in women's issues and adjudication of juvenile cases in Bhutan. Chhozom is presently working to establish a separate juvenile court system in Bhutan focusing on implementing juvenile law and developing programs on prevention and rehabilitation through restorative justice. As a Humphrey Fellow, she plans to study the juvenile court system and women-related issues in the United States as well as gain professional experience through internships with juvenile counseling and rehabilitation centers relevant to Bhutanese society and laws. Chhozom will be hosted by Professor Stephen Wermiel.

Geraldine Chin

Geraldine Chin is the Assistant Coordinator for the Justice and Peace Commission of Kumbo Diocese, which works to end human rights abuses in Cameroon through awareness programs, conflict prevention, and resolution training for government officials, tribal leaders, and citizens. Chin trains fellow Justice and Peace workers throughout Cameroon, as well as election observers, and other human rights defense groups. Chin is also President of the Kumbo Business Women's Savings and Credit Cooperative, which seeks to empower and educate women. As a Humphrey Fellow, she plans to study how the US fights corruption, human rights issues and international law. Chin will be hosted by Hadar Harris, executive director of the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law.

Slyvia Chirawu

Slyvia Chirawu is the Zimbabwe National Coordinator of Women and Law in Southern Africa Research and Education Trust, a regional organization found in seven countries throughout southern Africa. She conducts research in human and legal rights from a gender perspective, HIV-AIDS legislation, and disability law. Chirawu also lectures at the University of Zimbabwe Faculty of Law and serves her community through legal counseling for women. Chirawu has participated in a variety of conferences about women's issues throughout the region. She will use her Humphrey Fellowship to study U.S. law as it pertains to domestic violence, women's rights, and AIDS. Chirawu will be hosted by Professor Robert Dinerstein.

Byungsik Jung

Byungsik Jung is the senior deputy director and financial negotiator for Ministry of Finance and Economy of Korea. Jung has represented Republic of Korea in multilateral trade negotiations for financial services with the United States, the EU, Canada, and Japan. He has also participated in bilateral negotiations for free trade agreements with Singapore, Japan, and the European Free Trade Association. Jung plans to use his time as a Humphrey Fellow to learn about the legal framework of NAFTA and the Free Trade Area of the Americas, international trade law, and the financial legal system in the United States. He will also study negotiation and conflict resolution to supplement his work settling international trade disputes. Jung will be hosted by Professor Andrew Pike.

Alceu Mauricio Jr.

Alceu Mauricio Jr. is a judge for the Third Federal Court of Brazil. He has previously worked for the Federal Revenue Secretary and the Federal Labour Court, and he served as a lieutenant in the Brazilian Navy. With a concern for economic, social, and cultural rights, Mauricio is interested in judicial review as a means of implementing public policies aimed at protecting human rights not specifically addressed in state constitutions. During his Humphrey Fellowship, Mauricio plans to study how U.S. courts have used the process of judicial review to implement policies pertaining to social, economic, and cultural rights and the role of the judiciary in protecting human rights. Mauricio will be hosted by Professor Elliot Milstein.

Ababu Namwamba

Ababu Namwamba is the Chief Counsel at the Chambers of Justice, a human rights foundation in Nairobi, Kenya. Namwamba, a top public interest lawyer in Kenya, has headed several research projects conducted by the Chambers of Justice, including a special annual series entitled After the Promise, which critically evaluates the performance of the government, the opposition party, and the overall political scene in Kenya. In the courtroom, Namwamba has won several important cases pertaining to public interest law in Kenya. As a Humphrey Fellow, he is interested in gaining professional experience and skills as a public interest litigator and leadership training to help prepare him for a future as a political leader in Kenya. Namwamba will be hosted by Sarah Paoletti, Practitioner-in-Residence.

Patricia Plasencia

Patricia Plasencia is a lawyer and Captain in the Peruvian Air Force, one of the three Armed Forces in Peru. She works as a legal consultant in administrative and labor law and as an instructor on international humanitarian law. During her time as a Humphrey Fellow, Plasencia hopes to learn more about legal and government issues as they pertain to human rights in the United States and other countries. She will examine the application of international humanitarian law within the rules and context of the U.S. Armed Forces and methods to combat corruption in public administration. Her goal is to share her acquired knowledge with colleagues in Peru so they will be up to date on public administration practices in the United States. Plasencia will be hosted by Professor Richard Wilson.

Kumuthini Renganathan

Kumuthini Renganathan is a private legal practitioner from Sri Lanka. Renganathan has previously worked as a state prosecutor, where she gained extensive experience in criminal law and in arguing cases related to criminal appeals. Renganathan also works closely with human rights issues. During her year as a Humphrey Fellow, Renganathan plans to further her knowledge of human rights law with the goal of applying this knowledge to settling the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka. She will also conduct research on the origins and development of American federalism. Renganathan will be hosted by Professor Herman Schwartz.

Irwin Robson

Irwin Robson is the manager of legal services for the city of Cape Town, South Africa, where he acts as legal counsel for the local legislature, executive, and other local government offices. With a specialization in constitutional law and the application of South Africa's bill of rights within local governments, Robson is developing a training program for local government officials on using limited financial resources to deliver the socio-economic rights and services guaranteed in the constitution. As a Humphrey Fellow, Robson will study local government structures in the United States and their provision of basic services. Robson will be hosted by Professor Susan Bennett.