Introducing the AUWCL 2002 - 2003 Humphrey Fellows

Ana Santa Cruz

Ana Santa Cruz was a justice of the peace before being nominated adjunct public prosecutor for the Public Ministry of Peru. In this position, she has dealt with issues such as terrorism, criminal offenses, and dispute resolution in communities. Through the Humphrey Program, she hopes to gain knowledge about human rights, corruption, and how to improve the use of arbitration to increase public service efficiency in her country.

Yakhdane Habib

Yakhdane Habib is the public service advisor in the Prime Minister's Office in Tunisia. His responsibilities include reviewing international multilateral and bilateral commercial contracts. He also acts as a government advisor on the drafting of new laws and regulations. As a Humphrey Fellow, Mr. Habib hopes to enhance his understanding of the legal aspects of international trade in a globalized economy.

Hesham Nasr

Hesham Nasr worked as a deputy public prosecutor before becoming a court judge for the Egyptian Ministry of Justice. Judge Nasr hears both criminal and civil cases, and he lectures on the theory of law. As a Humphrey Fellow, Judge Nasr looks forward to researching issues related to intellectual property rights and economic development.

Oidov Enkhtuya

Oidov Enkhtuya was the Mongolian project coordinator for North Korea before beginning her Humphrey Fellowship. She is the founder and currently the honorary president of LEOS, the largest women's network in Mongolia and one of the first nongovernmental organizations there. In addition, she was a member of parliament in Mongolia from 1996 to 2000. During her Humphrey year, Ms. Enkhtuya intends to further her knowledge of human rights and democracy.

Andrew Nyirenda

Andrew Nyirenda has held various positions within the legal circles of the Malawi government. He was appointed director of public prosecutions before becoming a judge of the High Court of Malawi. Judge Nyirenda's objective for this Fellowship year is to expand his understanding of the international protection and promotion of human rights.

Inam Ghani

Inam Ghani is the senior superintendent of police for the government of Pakistan. He is responsible for the prevention and detection of crimes, the preservation of law and order, and human resource management of the police force under his command. As a Humphrey Fellow, he intends to expand his knowledge of human rights law and the American criminal justice system.

Nora Luzi

Nora Luzi is the director of Legal Proceeding in Domestic Trade and Consumer Rights for the Ministry of Economy of Argentina. She is in charge of the enforcement of national and federal laws regarding domestic fair trade and consumer protection in her country. Previously, Ms. Luzi served as the Argentine coordinator in the technical committee, Mercosur. Her focus during the Humphrey Program is the study of international and U.S. foreign trade policy and law.

Lei Wang

Lei Wang is the deputy division chief of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in China. He has been a core member of the Chinese Antitrust Law Drafting Group and a consultant for the Chinese WTO mission on competition policy. Mr. Wang's primary goal for his Humphrey Fellowship is to develop his knowledge in the area of U.S. antitrust law and competition law and policy.