Office of Diversity Services

First-Year Diversity Day, August 2016

The Office of Diversity Services (DS) at American University Washington College of Law has been a full-time administrative unit since 1990. One of the first of its kind, the office has been recognized for its work by the American Bar Association. DS works with all segments of AUWCL--students, administration, faculty, and alumni--to address issues that are important to maximizing the participation of groups in our community who have been the object of historical and, or, statutory discrimination. Our continuing job, therefore, is to develop and engage in programming and activities relevant to admission/retention, academic success, professional preparation, and cultural celebration among those communities and generally within the overall law school community.

For example, DS generates and collaborates on a variety of activities, starting with the annual First-Year Diversity Day at the beginning of each academic year. Other programs include observance of relevant principal holidays and heritage months, coordination of pertinent conferences and symposia, and participation in annual alumni gatherings.

The director of DS also counsels students individually, collectively, and in collaboration with the dean of students and other advisors. Many of DS's activities are supported by members of the faculty, and we seek out programmatic collaborations with student organizations, as well as administrative units including Admissions, the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Alumni Development, and the Office of Career and Professional Development.

Finally, DS is supported by the Dean's Diversity Council, a group of jurists and practitioners--many of whom are alumni--committed to diversity in legal education. The council was founded in 2001, and its members offer mentoring, participation in law school programming, pre-law advisement, and job-search counseling.

American University Washington College of Law
Office of Diversity Services
4300 Nebraska Avenue, N.W.
Capital Hall 107
Washington, DC 20016
Phone: 202.274.4032

Sherry Weaver, Acting Director