Message from the Dean

Dean Nelson Dear WCL Community,

On my first day as dean of American University Washington College of Law, I want to let you know how honored and very excited I am to be joining this community of engaged faculty, administrators, and alumni leaders who are dedicated to serving the needs of our student body. The breadth and depth of faculty expertise, combined with administrative excellence, create an exceptional learning environment.

It is indeed a privilege to be joining American University Washington College of Law, especially at this time.

WCL is well situated for the future of legal education, and will continue to provide a high-impact educational experience to our students. Our new Tenley Campus is an unparalleled complement to the look and feel of 21st century legal education and an ideal showcase for the student, faculty, and administrative talent in our law school.

This is a community of caring leaders who utilize their diverse expertise and vision in furtherance of justice in myriad ways, and in multiple national and international venues. I am grateful for the leadership of past deans, most recently Dean Claudio Grossman, whose dedicated stewardship has continued the tradition of excellence at American University Washington College of Law.

As we prepare to welcome the first incoming class to spend a full year at our outstanding new law school campus, I know our community will continue to cultivate our connections with all Washington, DC has to offer, as well as enhance affiliations beyond the region, in order to provide students and alumni with the experiential opportunities, networks, and resources they need in a competitive legal marketplace. Our improved location and facilities will only continue to advance our school's top programs in international law, clinical legal education, trial advocacy, intellectual property, law and government, criminal law, business law, and much more.

I have enjoyed meeting many of you, and I know in the weeks and months ahead I will have the chance to get to know you better, and learn about your journey and experiences. Your input will be invaluable as we move forward during what remains a challenging, yet energized, time for law schools, legal education, and the profession as a whole.

I look forward to working with you in service of our students and alumni as we navigate these dynamics together. Thanks to your engagement, dedication, and expertise, I am confident that American University Washington College of Law is poised to lead, and pursue many opportunities presented in the years ahead.

It is an exciting time to be a part of this tremendous community!


Camille A. Nelson,
Dean and Professor of Law