FIRST: The name for this organization is Immigrants' Rights Coalition, known as IRC.

SECOND: The period of duration is continual.

THIRD: The election of Executive Officers shall be as provided in the By-Laws.

FOURTH: The organization shall have members as provided in the By-Laws and the Constitution.

FIFTH: The mission statement of the organization shall be:

The Immigrants' Rights Coalition brings together member of various organizations at the Washington College of Law (WCL) to address immigrant rights. The goals of the IRC shall be to educate the WCL student community on immigrant rights issues, to work accountably with non-legal and legal community organizations on immigrant rights, and to generally promote the rights of immigrants in the United States and abroad.

SIXTH: The organization shall be will operate according to the following guiding principles:

  • a. work accountably with community organizations;

    b. work collectively to decide objectives and goals for programs and efforts;

    c. follow anti-racist, anti-sexist, and anti-heterosexist principles.

SEVENTH: The organization shall be organized and operated exclusively for educational purposes, including:

  • a. Taking an active role in the WCL community by providing legal, cultural, and linguistic assistance where needed;

    b. Contributing to charitable that aids the immigrant communities in the Washington DC area;

    c. Sponsoring guest speakers on immigrant rights and civil rights legal issues at the law school;

    d. Developing a cooperative, working relationship with other student run organizations in the WCL community.

EIGHTH: The organization shall act according to the provisions provided in its Constitution and By-Laws, in accordance with the IRC mission statement and under the guidance of the Washington College of Law Student Bar Association.

NINTH: Internal affairs of the organization shall also comply with the guidance with the Washington College of Law Student Bar Association.

TENTH: The principal office of the organization shall be 4300 Nebraska Avenue, NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20016.

ELEVENTH: The number of Co-Chairs shall be two (2), which may increase or decrease pursuant to the By-laws.

TWELVETH: This Constitution shall be amended as provided for in the By-laws.

THIRTEENTH: The Immigrants' Rights Coalition shall not discriminate on the basis of: ancestry, color, race, cultural or ethnic background, economic status, ideological, philosophical, or political beliefs or affiliations, marital or parental status, national or regional origin, physical disability, religion, or religious or denominational affiliation, gender or sexual orientation.