Class Auditing

Alumni are entitled and encouraged to audit up to two classes per semester at AUWCL. Registration and processing fees are $100 per class. Graduates must register and receive approval through the AUWCL Office of Alumni Relations Audit Page in order to attend a class. Though Professor support is appreciated, alumni cannot attend a class based solely on Faculty endorsement.

All open law school classes are available to alumni with the following exceptions:

  • Required First Year Classes
  • Classes that are full on the last day of late registration
  • Clinic Classes
  • Legal Writing Methods Classes
  • All Trial Ad Courses (LAW 694 and 695)
  • All Pre-Trial Litigation Courses (LAW 649)
  • EFO (LAW 968)
  • High Tech Courtroom (LAW 913-001)
  • Advanced Trial Ad (LAW 984)
  • Scientific Evidence (LAW 878-001)
  • Lawyer Bargaining (LAW 651)
  • Appellate Advocacy (LAW 847)
  • Plea Bargaining (Currently LAW 708B)
  • Summer Academy in Human Rights and/or Arbitration
    Litigation Skills Summer Institute (any courses in the institute)
  • *Summer Certificate Programs (Check the course catalog). FYI, any course that has something listed under "Type" is a certificate course.
  • Seminars
  • Possible additions each semester - please check with the Office of Alumni Relations

If you wish to audit a class, simply click on the registration link and pay the fee by credit card. Or, copy and complete the PDF form below and mail it, or bring it, to the address provided. Please enclose a check for the appropriate amount of $100 per class made payable to Washington College of Law, and include your email address and AU ID number on the check.

The registration link will open in early August for the fall semester, in early January for the spring semester, and in early May for summer classes. The last day to register to audit a class is the last day of add/drop for students, usually one week into a new semester.

The application will be approved by email by the Office of Alumni Relations once current students completes the add/drop process. The Registrar approves or disapproves the class based on availability. A class for which you apply that is fully subscribed will result in a refund or, if interested, you can choose an alternative (open) class.

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NOTE: Classes offered to alumni on an audit basis are solely for the personal benefit of the registered graduate. Graduates may not receive academic credit for auditing a class nor will the class appear on their transcript. In addition, a student/alumnus cannot take classes for credit (as a registered student) and audit classes during the same semester. Since we are unable to verify attendance or performance, we cannot provide a letter or certificate as proof of successful class completion.

WCL Alumni Application to Audit Law School Courses: