Domestic Violence Clinic

Domestic violence is an epidemic, both locally and worldwide. Student attorneys in AUWCL’s Domestic Violence Clinic (DVC) seek to address this problem by representing and advocating for survivors of abuse in civil as well as immigration and criminal matters. DVC students also work towards long-term solutions through involvement in community-based advocacy projects.

The DVC will be incorporated into AUWCL's Women and the Law Clinic starting in the 2019-2020 academic year.

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Our Areas of Focus

The DVC engages in a wide range of advocacy around the issue of domestic violence. Student attorneys in the DVC have a joint seminar with the Women and the Law Clinic, which gives students the opportunity to develop their skills and reflect on their work through the lenses of gender and race critical theory. By deepening their understanding of their clients' lives, students become better, more client-centered lawyers.

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